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The company

We started and created in the year of 2013, with a special effort, willingness and dynamism to bring something completely different, unique, special, distinct, beautiful in our city, creating a separate space of a handmade jewellery store, and not only for women looking for handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, handbags, sandals, hats, scented soaps, clothes.

After this successful presentation for the woman, it’s time and the right time to create a new separate e-shop and for the man in jewellery and a wide range of accessories to cover all of its needs its special appearance and presentation in every venue and moment of its every activity.

We seek and create the best men’s jewellery and accessories, at the best quality, in their particular materials, so that they are unique and distinct at their very good prices.

His male fist, his dynamism, his imposition, the strength of every man must be in his jewellery to wear, and in the accessories he chooses. Please …………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strictly Men’s Case

Strictly Our Case


Strict manhood - Our case

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