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Men’s watch JAGA SMART with strap JS14-BLACK


Men’s watch JAGA SMART with strap  JS14-BLACK


Technical Characteristics :


  • CPU  8762DK
  • Memory  128M
  • TP: Capacitive touch TP, Hynitron 816D
  • Screen   1.32-inch 360*360 resolution high-definition round screen
  • Motor   Flat motor, wire-bonded
  • Bluetooth   BT3.0/ 5.0
  • Data Transfer  JL CHIP
  • Heart rate  HRS3605
  • Pedometer  Silan SC7A20
  • Charging  2PIN magnetic charging cable
  • Battery  Capacity 300mAH (polymer pure cobalt battery)
  • Waterproof  IP68
  • APPLICATION: FitCloundPro
  • Basic functions:
    Calls, Favorites, Call History, Voice Assistant, Data, Exercise, Exercise History, Heart Rate, Sleep, Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Information, Weather, Women, Music, Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Find Phone, Settings, Messages, Run no disturb, brightness adjustment, mute, language, password, QR code, split screen mode.
  • Sports / 19 sports:
    Walking, Running, Mountaineering, Cycling, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Elliptical Machine, Yoga, Table Tennis, Jump Rope, Tennis, Baseball, Rugby, Hula Hoop, Golf, Long Jump, Crunch, Volleyball.
  • Heart beat:
    All-day dynamic heart rate trend and data analysis.
    Blood Oxygen Test:
    Support red light, infrared light sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation.
  • Notification of messages and calls
    Phone, SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsAPP, Line, Kakao Talk, etc.
    WeChat campaign: Support WeChat sports ranking synchronization.
  • Weather: Connect app, forward local weather data.
  • Watch menu language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Korean (factory default English).
  • Languages:
    Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Hindi, Turkish, Greek, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Persian, Thai, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Korean (27 countries).


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